Riverside Primary School
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Enrolment Procedures


Registration of Primary 1 children takes place in November and is advertised widely in local press etc. Prospective parents are welcome to visit the school and should contact the school office.

Families living outwith the catchment area are welcome to make a placing request to attend Riverside Primary school but must enrol their child at their local school as a first step. Further information is available using the following


Following the enrolment all pre-school children and their parents/carers are invited back to Riverside Primary early in the summer term to attend a programme of parent workshops and visits to the Primary 1 classroom. The children will have an opportunity to paint, draw and play in the P1 class and meet their teacher. The parents will have the opportunity for informal workshops with the Head Teacher and other agencies that support our school.

At further meetings in August/September we ask you to join us in a series of workshops relevant to the introduction of your child to the school.

The intention is to allow both you and your child to have the opportunity to get to know the school as part of your transition into the school.