Riverside Primary School
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Helping my Child at School

We know how important it is for parents and carers to be fully involved with their child’s education.   This can include a multitude of things including attending meetings, coming to school events, reading newsletters and also helping with homework.  The staff at Riverside Primary are always keen to speak with you about how you can help your child at school.  Throughout the year there are opportunities for you to meet the teachers and discuss your child’s progress.  This includes our twice annual parent/carer meetings and also additional informal monthly drop-ins.  We aim to keep you fully informed of all the exciting activities that are going on in our school but also to share with you your child’s achievements and levels of attainment as they progress through our school.

In addition to parent/carer meetings we also run workshops for parents and carers at different times throughout the year to explain about the methods we use and share with you some of the resources we are using to support the Riverside pupils with their learning. 

At any time we are happy for you to arrange an appointment to speak to your child’s class teacher or with a member of the school management team if you would like to speak with them.