Riverside Primary School
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Govan Road Campus

Our campus is quite unique in that we share much of our school building with two other schools, St Saviour’s Primary and Broomloan nursery.  Each school has their own unique identity however being in the same building enables us to work on projects together and support each other to enrich the learning opportunities for our pupils.  (Examples of this are the development of our school grounds, joint working of our pupil councils, shared fund-raising events, joint celebrations).

Glasgow Improvement Challenge

In August 2015 we became part of a smaller cluster of schools joined together to participate in the Glasgow Improvement Challenge.  This includes Pirie Park Primary, Ibrox Primary, Glendale Primary, Lorne St Primary and Riverside Primary Schools.  We all appointed a teacher to become a ‘Leader of Learning’ and together planned a programme to support Literacy in our schools with the aim of working towards Glasgow closing the attainment gap.  Our first year has been very exciting there has been excellent progress.  We will be continuing with this development over the next few years.  Further information about this is available from Ms Brimelow.